Dame Edna

One of the funniest impersonators and look-alikes of this Australian celebrity available as a roving character to welcome your guests or Emcee for your next event.


One of my Jason’s popular characters is  Austin Flowers. An hilarious look-a-like ideal for roving entertainer for mix and mingle or greeting your shagadellic guests. Austin Flowers also makes a great Emcee for your next 60’s theme cocktail party, conference dinner or awards night. Either for Private or Corporate events


Queen Elizabeth  
Is available for Roving, Meet and Greet or even Emcee your next regal event. Great for English themed parties and ideal for personalized speeches. She writes tailored
for birthdays, company launches, company retirements and more . 


Shirley Shagwell

“Oh hello Darls”  She is cheeky and outrageously funny!  This larger than LIFE personality is a cross between the spirits of Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli and Barbra Streisand all in one. She sings, dances and can Rove and or Emcee at any kind of event. Lots of improvisation amongst guests makes this character allot of hilarious fun. 


Vin Daloo 
Perfect as a roving comedian or Emcee for your next Bollywood themed event. This happy indian is a cross between Peter Seller 's character from the classic movie 'The Party' and Arpoo from the Simpsons. He's a very cheeky, happy chappy with a touch of the wisdom of Gandhi. He can sing (with backing track) the famous 'Hooray for Hollywood' tune but with the lyrics changed to 'Hooray for Bollywood'...Very funny. As he arrives Vin can throws rose pettles all over guest as a blessing and later in the night he gets guests up on stage to have a fun Bollywood dance off as they copy his moves.


Steve ir-Winner

Available as a roving character to welcome your guests, drop in for a singing telegram or a surprise alternative Emcee. Steve beams down from heaven for the day just to be at your event. He’s still outrageous and happier than ever. Reminding us how our animals are so important to us all and how we should look after them, respect them and not loose the connection. He's lots of fun with heaps of enthusiasm. Great with kids and he also brings out the big kid in the grown up’s too. Ideal for corporate or private events, family day picnics or Jungle and Auzie themes

Orwwwwwh Beauwdy Mate!


Mad Hatter

The Jonny Depp style Mad Hatter you can have this crazy character attend you hat party, tea party or wonderland theme. He can Emcee and rove with lots of situational improvisation at your next event.